2 1/2 Marathons = A Full Marathon

So here’s the deal.  I allowed my friend, Michelle, to convince me to skip my marathon this upcoming May 29th to spend Memorial Weekend back in NYC.  It took

"You don't have to tell me twice!"

about as much arm twisting as asking Augustus Gloop to dive headfirst into a chocolate river, especially seeing as how I’ve been so on top of my training up until now.  But before I decided to miss that 1/2 Marathon I needed to find another one to run.  We found one the following weekend in Virginia on June 4th.  Michelle volunteered to drive me to that Marathon, in exchange for driving up to NYC with her from DC.

But then I looked up other half marathons and found one in NYC in Central Park in October.  This seemed even more ideal for me, because I would then train properly…theoretically.  For those of you reading that last sentence with a twinge of an eye roll…you know me too well.  So I was still undecided on which one to do.

I went to Pacers the other day because I had set up an appointment weeks ago to meet with one of the owners.  Pacers is a running centric store, one of which is located in Silver Spring that I always pass on my way to work.  The owner asked me to meet him at the shop in Arlington, VA because it was larger and offered a wider selection in equipment.

Wrong guy.

Chris Farley, the owner (not the deceased comedian of “Fat Guy in a little coat” fame), was a tremendous help, having run numerous marathons himself, and the experience was far beyond anything I expected.  To my horror, he had me get on the treadmill to evaluate my run.  I was transported back to a horrific time in grade school where you walk into the classroom and the teacher has a pop quiz waiting for you and then tells you that Harold the class gerbil has crawled into the radiator and died.  If that metaphor doesn’t make sense to you – in this scenario what crawled into the radiator and died was simply my pride.

Before I got on the treadmill, Chris measured my feet in one of those foot measuring contraptions you probably haven’t seen since childhood that sort of resembles a large metallic cookie cutter.  I learned today that my right foot is actually larger than my left.  Chris assured me that this is normal, but I’m pretty sure he was referring to the normality of a circus sideshow.  Not only am I half human/half hobbit, I also learned that my “pronation” is slightly off.  Which means that my feet hit the ground only slightly off at an angle…which actually was good news, because I have always been under the self-conscious impression that I run with my feet like a ballerina in first position.

Long story short, we found the perfect shoes for me, specifically.  Which is good, because my old running shoes would hurt and begin to pinch my feet by mile five.  I also experienced my very own 80s montage by trying on numerous running apparel combinations, many of which embarrassingly enough looked a lot like “skorts” and that I was getting ready to play women’s singles at Wimbledon.

We also discussed my dilemma, and Chris suggested that I run the half marathon June 4th, just to experience it and also to participate in the one in October so that I can go in the 2nd time with a goal in mind, and properly train and work towards that goal.  Unfortunately for me, this all made sense.  So I went into this project with an absolute “no full marathon” clause, but it appears I will be running a full marathon after all…sort of.


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3 Responses to 2 1/2 Marathons = A Full Marathon

  1. Michele says:

    The audience is voting for which outfit we like the best, right? I vote for #3 first (sweatband combo) and skort second.

  2. Sis's Bestie says:

    I like the “FAST” one, although adding “super-duper” in puffy paint could bump it into high gear. Then you could carry out my resolution nomination of replacing all self-deprecating comments with extreme positivity (bragging ok) for a full 24 hours.

  3. potemily says:

    i would like to see more sweat bands and more dancing in the montage!

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